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SÄSONG 1. SÄSONG 2. SÄSONG 3. Monday, November 3. Tuesday, November 4. Wednesday, November 5. Thursday, November 6. Friday, November 7. Saturday, November 8. Sunday, November 9. American crime drama from A remake of the Danish original series Crime. Joel Kinnaman plays Stephen Holder, a former narcotics COP who joins the investigation of the murder of a young girl in Seattle. The series ties together three parallel stories about the murder. Viewers may partly comply with the police. Brottet - Säsong - DVD. RELEASE Säsong med den danska kriminalsuccén!Följ Sarah Lund och hennes kollegor ut i fält när de löser bestialiska mordgåtor som gång på gång presser dem till bristningsgränsen. Stäng. Loading the player.

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Hartmann prepares to reveal embarrassing truths as Bremer makes a gesture of goodwill, while Pernille and Theis attempt a reconciliation. Ett mord på skolflickan Nanna Birk Larsen gör det dock omöjligt för Lund att lämna ifrån sig utredningen. Hartmann learns of foul play at city hall, and his campaign is put under pressure when his opponent reveals Hartmanns ties with the suspect in a TV debate. Meanwhile, Pernille and Theis invite friends and family to Antons birthday party - but there is a sinister twist to the evening in store. Lund refuses to believe her superiors insistence that when they insist the murder has been solved, and considers continuing her investigation alone.

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